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March was BUSY!  we had MULTIPLE prayer circle actions, a few brave arrests, lots of tours and other events and a truly wonderful march up to the the Watch house to celebrate its anniversary!

 People's Assembly 2021 - February

This virtual gathering allowed various groups to collaborate on what we are doing to stop TMX . The Assembly featured a range of people working at the grassroots level: tree sitters; Adopt-a-Pipeline surveillance; public education and outreach; #1308trees campaign, and more. This event took place (virtually) on the unceded land of the Coast Salish Peoples.

2021 - Family day

Citizens in four cities took to overpasses and roads, taking selfies and posting their safely distanced #stopTMX signs and protests. 

2021 - TOURS at Stoney Creek

Showing the sensitive salmon and nootsak dace habitat and the many trees, including a grandmother cedar tree slated for destruction.  These tours have taken over a hundred locals in to view the beauty and vibrancy of the urban forest ecosystem that is slated to be torn apart to make room for a soon to be pointless pipeline.

2021 - JANUARY Arrests at Stoney Creek

Protesting work being done in the salmon bearing watershed around Stoney Creek led to an arrest of a local grandmother who is not going to let her community be taken over without a fight.  We are all so proud of Maxine and her backup team of protestors!

2020 - The old Treehouse

Built in the giant Cottonwoods near Holmes Creek, this tree house was a wonder of engineering!  Thanks to the amazing skills of Timothee Govare and his many dedicated assistants, including the climbing crew of Amanda and Kurtis, a beautiful tree house was built to protect this delicate riparian zone.  Sadly it was raided and there is now barbed wire, security fences, manned surveillance and motion detectors to keep out the local citizens who only want to protect their salmon streams and valuable watersheds. 

After a week or so of looking, a new tree camp was established, just 500 m further down the pipeline route.  It is visible from the Transcanada and from the Brunette Greenway. 

2020 - SEPTEMBER world rivers day

What could be better than cleaning up the Brunette for World River's Day?!

On Sept 27th we had dozens of volunteers helping to haul out over 20 bags of garbage from the lower Brunette (near Hume Park in New Westminster).   This is just one of a number of efforts we have made to show our care and love for our local watersheds.

2020 - drumming circle and summer camp supporting the initial aerial camp