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Protect the Planet- stop TMX

TMX: transmountain pipeline expansion  


Who are we?

PPST is made of your neighbours, concerned citizens: scientists, parents, shop owners and bike couriers, teachers and nurses, students and retired folk, settlers and Indigenous allies. 

On Aug. 3, 2020, land & water protectors deployed an aerial camp high in the trees in Burnaby, to prevent TMX from clearing trees scheduled to be cut between Aug.1-Sept.15 along the pipeline route. While that camp was taken down by security and police back in early December 2020, very shortly after we re-located to the NEW tree top camp shown in this photo.  It is also on the pipeline route, just off the transcanada highway and visible from it and the Brunette Greenway. 

Since then, the dedicated volunteers of 'Protect the Planet Stop TMX' have continued to be successful in protecting trees and fragile salmon-bearing streams from pipeline construction. 

why do we want to stop this pipeline expansion?

it's not too late, the risks are too great!

Indigenous communities as well as our own municipalities and both environmental scientists and health care professionals have tried to bring forward the mountains of evidence against this pipeline, but our country's review boards have been stacked with friends of oil and gas companies and have sadly refused to acknowledge the severity of the immediate risks of fires, leaks,  and tanker spills (that are just theoretical to all of them living safely far away, but very real to those of us living in the pipeline path!).  They also refuse to face the facts that this pipeline is NOT compatible with taking action to fight our climate crises.  Its entire purpose is to help INCREASE tar sands production, just when we need to be capping and even reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.  Funded by tax payers, this $20 billion project will carry toxic bitumen from Alberta to port in the city of Vancouver, intending to load it onto container ships and send it to foreign refineries where it will continue to pollute and thus makes it impossible for us to meet our Paris Agreement promises for a < 2 degree future. 

It is dangerous to our land, water and the many people in its path, its an economic failure, it works to make climate change WORSE, and it tramples on the rights of Indigenous peoples - they do not have consent from most of the communities that are in its path and have done NOTHING to protect our most vulnerable - the many Indigenous women, girls and two spirits that are known to be at risk of violence when extraction projects occur.  For all of these reasons, we say it's time to STOP TMX. 


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